Building a website is not just about the “technical”. It’s about assessing goals and objectives, determining direction, developing brand, design and functionality and then putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to help you succeed.

It is our goal to provide sound internet business solutions for all of our clients whether large or small. We work with you from start to finish: to determine your needs, assess the best solutions, create a design that reflects your vision, build a compliant, user-friendly, client-manageable site, to do so in a Responsive Design if requested, and finally, to train you and your staff.

The internet is constantly changing. New technologies bring greater information and interactivity to our doorsteps each day. At Clickhook we strive to combine the principles of accessibility and compliance with sound design and emerging technologies to offer solutions that are both responsible and contemporary.



Every design created at Clickhook is hand crafted by an in-house designer right here in Melbourne. Our designers have put their experience and know-how’s from working with major brands into every project we do with small to medium businesses and startups.



We specialise in open source content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Our expertise allows us to quickly build feature rich and user friendly CMS driven websites perfect for branding, lead generation and ecommerce websites for small and medium sized businesses.



Building on our expertise in open source content management systems, we are able to efficiently built robust ecommerce websites using search optimized and feature rich platforms. Our ecommerce website designs focus on optimizing search keywords, conversion rates, return on investment. for small and medium sized businesses.

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